Awesome Vacation v0.5.5RE

Posted November 25, 2023

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Awesome Vacation APK Download v0.5.5RE Android Port Game Download

Awesome Vacation APK Download Android Adult Visual Novel Game Latest Version - Awesome Vacation Android Port Latest Version 0.5.5RE Download APK For FREE

The hero of the game, working as a teacher at the university, go on a long-awaited vacation to the blue sea. In the hope of resting from their colleagues and breaking away with strangers in the warm sun. Will the hero realize his plans on vacation? Will you be able to distribute your attention and time between all the girls in the resort. Can you avoid delicate situations and immerse yourself in exciting adventures with the hero of the game.Sea adventures are waiting for you on the beach, night swimming and hiking through the clubs, comfortable rooms of the Azaria Hotel, resort landscapes, yacht trips, adventures in the jungle.​


Updated: 2019-09-30
Censorship: None
Version: 0.5.5RE
OS: Win/Mac/Linux
Language: Engrish/Russian
Side-StoryAwesome Vacation: Winter Dreams
Genre: Male protag, 3dcg, harem, teacher, perk system, vaginal sex, beach vacation





There is a choice of one of three ways jobs: Alexa, Angilica, Oldster.

– Added a new location.
– Added a new characters: Lisa, Jess, Helga.

New event:

– Extended an exisiting event chain for Alexa.
– Extended an exisiting event chain for Leela.
– Extended an exisiting event chain for Christie.
– Event with the lifeguard.
– and other events.

Remade: beach, city.
Removed the limit of 10 game days.


– New location – fitness room.
– Added events with Leela, Angelica, Kimmy.
– Added events with Christy (Finally you can interact with it in the evening on the beach).
– Added event with Christy and Mia (You can watch a movie with them over the weekend).
– Added event with Maid (If you made the right choice).
– Added event with John.


– Added some new scenes to beach locker rooms.
– Completed one of the plots on the line of Alexa Still.
– Now you can skip the Intro with Irene at the bar.
– Fixed a number of bugs.

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