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Midnight Paradise: Is it worth to play?

6 months ago

Midnight Paradise is an adult-themed visual novel game developed by Lewdlab. The game revolves around the protagonist, Connor, a carefree guy who flunks out of college and returns home to live with his strict father and siblings. As he navigates his way through life, players take on the role of Connor and make choices that shape the story and the relationships he forms with various characters.

The game’s storyline is slow-paced, allowing players to immerse themselves in the well-written and multi-faceted characters. The diverse cast of characters adds depth to the narrative, offering players different paths and interactions based on their choices.

In terms of gameplay, Midnight Paradise follows the typical structure of a lewd visual novel. Players guide Connor’s actions and decisions, influencing the direction of the story and determining the type of relationships he develops with other characters. The game incorporates elements from various visual novel genres, including incest, harem-style dynamics, and corruption themes, giving players a range of experiences.

One of the game’s standout features is its realistic character design, featuring well-drawn and detailed characters. The animations further enhance the visual experience, especially during the intimate scenes, making them more engaging and immersive.

Overall, Midnight Paradise is praised for its well-crafted story, slow-burn narrative approach, and attractive character designs. It successfully blends different themes and elements from various visual novel genres, providing players with a compelling and satisfying adult gaming experience. If players enjoy lewd visual novels that offer an intelligent story, well-developed characters, and explicit content, Midnight Paradise is a game worth exploring.



In this story, you are a young kid in his twenties with lots of flaws. In this age, our other head works more than the traditional one. This odd flow of blood creates a lot of problems in our lives. And this is the same for our characters too. His heart loves to drive all the blood down there into his Weiner, and it does arise in situations where things get messy. Like you got knocked out by a big fella whose girl was blowing you in a bathroom stall, Now, that’s daring for sure, and she was amazing too. But got beaten out later for that; I don’t think it was worth it.

Midnight Paradise Adult Game

If you think that is kind of a problem, you will be sorry to shatter your dreams; this is just a start. The next one is pretty huge. Actually, the size of you, prick, is the reason for the problem. But that cannot be taken back. It is what it is. Since you were so flamboyant about the gift around your crouch area, someone opened it and took it all inside her. And this surprise of yours got you into big trouble. As that certain someone was one of the professor’s daughters. And since you banged her, he wants you out of college.


Now, you will say, What the fuck is this? How can someone do that? But let me make it clear: people in power have various ways to throw you out of their way. They do not want thorns to be on their red carpet of life. As for the professor, he awarded an F to you in his subject. I know you are not that good at studying, but getting an F is new for you too. And this is the problem I have been talking about. The consequences of these problems will lead you towards the new journey you are about to begin.



After getting debarred from the college, you go back to your landlord’s house in Midnight City. It is a beautiful city, but there are a lot of secrets that are to be unraveled, and you will play a crucial role in bringing light to them. Since you have reached there and wanted to be welcomed, that is not what happens. You were just shocked to see your landlord at the door. He is so angry that he doesn’t even greet you. Instead, he took all of your possessions, including car keys, credit cards, and cash.

Midnight Paradise Download

That’s what happens when you mess up your life. He not only did this, but he also assured you that he was merely taking this from you. I mean, what more could he possibly have taken? Or he could have. After all, he is wealthy.

I know there are lots of problems going on, and it is not easy to live without these things when you have divulged yourself into them a lot. But on the brighter side, he gave you a chance to earn all these things back. Now, in order to recoup all of this, he pushed you to undertake something that could contribute to your success.

To accomplish this, he requires three things from you. First and foremost, you must graduate from Midnight City College. Second, you must demonstrate to him that you are capable of shouldering responsibility by accomplishing things on your own. Third, you must demonstrate to him that you are a capable leader worthy of succeeding him. These three obstacles must be overcome in order to reclaim what you have lost.

Midnight Paradise

Now, the first two are quite achievable, but in order to achieve the third, you need to compete with your roommate. Yeah, a nerd who has forgotten that there is a world outside his computer screens and the little room he has This is hard for you, as he has been doing a lot and you have done nothing of the sort that will help you achieve what your landlord wants from you. But you are not a quitter. You accepted the gauntlet thrown by him and started working towards your goal.

For starters, you met your old friend Kyle. He offered you to meet him downtown after you enrolled yourself in Midnight University. You went to him, and he had some parcels to deliver. You, without even asking what’s inside, just fell into his trap and went to deliver it. But at the location, you were caught by cops. Then a detective named Thorne rescues you from there, and he hires you to do his findings for him.


At this point, you have two ways to go. Whether you will be a bad person with a good soul or degrade yourself to beat the shit out of some douchebags I don’t know how it will turn out in the end.

In this part, your journey as a businessman starts, where you will deal with drugs and earn a lot of money. But somehow, you also want to find out where it is coming from. How and who is responsible for it? This will reveal many secrets that are hiding behind the closet. Some of them seem to be ugly. And you are not alone in this; some people will help you at many different stages.



There are several characters in the game. All of them are beautifully designed. They are well-constructed, and their bodies are flawless. There aren’t a lot of games where you will find such high-quality characters. I mean, all the body parts and the curves are carved so artistically that you will fall in love with them. Sometimes wish that she would come out of it and live with me forever. I know that’s not going to happen, but that is the level of work they put into creating these. I don’t think I have found any flaws in any of them.

Joyce, your landlady, is the character that I prefer the most. She is beautiful, energetic, and enigmatic. She has that charm and personality that will hold you from the start of the scene to the end of it, and sometimes even after the end of that. Your elder roommate, Isabella, is great too. She’s got some muscles and a ripped belly that can melt ice in just seconds.

Midnight Paradise Android Adult Game

Her curves are so wonderful that they will give you a ride while you pan up and down using the mouse. Yes, they have provided that option. And that is quite a good thing to provide when we have such wonderful bodies lying around.

Since I am talking about the characters, one thing that pops into my mind is that every character has multiple hairstyles throughout the story. And these hairstyles change as they are in certain places. Isabella has a pony, open hair, wet hair in the washroom, and several others. The thing is that with each one of the styles, the look changes as they are for real. I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but I liked it a lot. That just turns this thing into reality. There are several times when she looks delectable, and sometimes she just looks like a normal girl.

Now, your younger roommate Ruby is petite. Oh yeah, she has been created wonderfully. I have seen in some of the games where they messed up while constructing them, and they look like babies given a higher number of years. But she looks just like what a teenager over 18 should look like. There are other characters too, like the maid, your neighbor Sofia, Tanya, Mellisa, and Natsuko. All have a distinct body type and an attractive body type.



The mechanism of the game is quite simple. There is a bar at the top that will tell you a lot of things, such as what time of day it is, for example, morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Next, you will see the day of the week along with the number of days you have played in the game. On clicking it, you will trigger a screen where you will find a calendar of the characters like Joyce, Ruby, and Isabella. This will help you find where they are and what activity they are doing.

Along with this, there is a bar at the bottom that will show you which ones have scenes, which ones will provide you with some points, and which ones are just empty, so you should not waste your time on them unless you want to revisit the scenes. The best part of this is that there is a point system, and unlocking each level will trigger different scenes and advance your relationship with the characters.

Midnight Paradise Sex Scene Download

This one is the best of all the games I have played. Usually, we just go through the main story of the game and satisfy ourselves with the provided scenes in it. And leave out the ones that are hard to achieve, or you can say a lot of mouse clicking is required, but here you will not regret a single click to travel to the places where the characters are. Because each one of the scenes with the characters is so amazingly designed, it will leave you curious about what will happen next. How will the next scene be triggered? This makes it more enticing.



Some of you might have played it already, as I mentioned it in the top 5 of the month’s list. As it was at the top of the list. Do tell me if it is justified or not. I would like to thank the developers of the game for putting so much effort into creating such a masterpiece. It will surely be in the top 10 games of the year. I have not created any lists of that sort. But I will soon try to make one where I will try to fit them all. I know it will be hard for me, but I think it needs to be created.

So in a nutshell, this one is a marvelous game. And you should give your precious time to it. Don’t forget to use the gallery; there are some elite graphics too. They are not directly related to the story but have some sensual scenes with heavy animations. But just play them after you have completed the game, or it might ruin your pleasure. On that note, I would like to buzz off for now. Keep Grinding.

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