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CHIBI-QUE APK Android Hentai Mobile Game English VersionDownload

CHIBI-QUE APK Android Adult Mobile Hentai Game English Version Download - CHIBI-QUE Android Porn Mobile Game Download For FREE

Chibi Que Apk Android Adult Game Download (1)


CHIBI-QUE APK Android Adult Game English Version Download


* This game is a hightly rnadom game. *
* There are no character raising elements like usual RPGs. *

Having gone through practices for sword mastery under the guidance of Jicchan,
Yui finally makes it and Jicchan is delighted with her growth.
However, when a monster suddenly comes, Jicchan protects Yui at the cost of his own life.
It clearly tells her that the demon lord has revived. In order to take revenge for Jicchan,
she sets out for an adventure to defeat the demon lord.

[Game Rules]
Pressing “GO” button progresses turns and you will reach the demon lord’s throne on the 100th turn.
Different events will happen on a random basis.
Earn points and try not to lose as many lives as you can.

[Battles and Events]
Enemies appear on the way. Results of battles depend on your luck.
If she is defeated, she loses a life and the opponent does H thing to her.
In addition to battles, there are various events such as traps, treasure chests,
conversation with townspeople etc. Getting an item gives you score.

[Piston Time] Special Mode
We call this mode HST/High Score Time as you have a chance to get a great amount of score.

[H Scenes]
9 base scenes + variations (contains birthing)
1 animated scene (piston time)
Pose art: there are nude, preg-belly, bukkake variations and simple animations

[Estimated Playtime]
A single play-through takes about 10~ minutes.
It varies depending on your luck especially when it comes to the true ending.

[Difficutly Level Options Implemented]
We prepared 5x difficulty level options for unlucky players.

[High Score Ranking]
Your score is recorded in a ranking.

[Reminiscence Mode]
Since this game is like die roll, all the H scenes are pre-unlocked.

[Skip Functions]
H scenes you have already seen can be skipped.
Hold the select button and/or shift key to fast forward.





  • One press to move and interact
  • One press hold to speed up text
  • Two finger press to cancel
  • Two finger press during dialog hides the dialog

Chibi Que Apk Android Adult Game Download (1) Chibi Que Apk Android Adult Game Download (6) Chibi Que Apk Android Adult Game Download (4) Chibi Que Apk Android Adult Game Download (3) Chibi Que Apk Android Adult Game Download (2) Chibi Que Apk Android Adult Game Download (5)

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