Enamored Risks [Completed]

Posted July 5, 2024

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Enamored Risks APK [Completed] Android Visual Novel Game Download

Enamored Risks APK Android Port Visual Novel Anime Game Download - Enamored Risks Android Port Latest Version Download For FREE

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Alex is a college student studying nursing and recently freed from her unbearable helicopter parents. Far from home and trying to get through classes as quickly as possible, she’s grown burnt out and quite lonely. However, she hears about a mysterious social media account filled with images of ruined buildings, rooftop views, and rooms trapped in time, framed by a challenge:

“Feeling adventurous? Come find us.”

Her curiosity piqued, a spark of rebellious energy stirs within her. She sets out to find the origins of the photos and finds three urban explorers, each of them unearthing something new and unfamiliar in her heart.​



Release Date: 2020-04-14
Developer: Crystal Games Itch.io
Censored: No Sexual Content
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android
Language: English

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