Hypno Town v0.1.3

Posted March 18, 2023

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Hypno Town APK v0.1.3 Android Port Adult Visual Novel Game Download

Hypno Town APK Android Visual Novel Adult Game Download - Hypno Town Android Port Adult Visual Novel Game Download - Hypno Town APK Download Android Port.

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You’re playing as Hilbert, who had completed his pokemon journey and now on the way to Nuvema Town to meet his family and start a science career as pokemon researcher. However, occasional car crash destroyed all plans. Thus, your Pokemon – Hypno mysteriously disappears after accident. With freedom, who knows what he could do! Furthermore, Hilbert should discover what changes are happened with Nuvema Town after it became first in the World human-pokemon free relationship zone.​


Release Date: 2019-03-24
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.3 Public
OS: PC, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Big Ass, Dating Simulation, Visual Novel, Pokeporn, Hentai




  • 4 new animated scenes(2 scenes with animated cumming!)
  • Now you can summon hypnotized Mallow and Nurse Joy for additional lewd actions
  • 33 animated scenes were updated with sound effects
  • 8 animated scenes were updated with x-ray images
  • 2 new static images
  • New ingame interface design
  • Now you can choose hypnosis scenes for repeat
  • Ingame “About” screen now contains last version changelog
Warning! New version may don’t work well with your old game saves! Please, start the new game!​

  • Now you can hypnotize Cheren(first part)
  • 3 new animated scenes + 1 special
  • 6 new static images
  • Cheren characters’s images update
  • Game’s menu images update
  • New button to hide all interface(For convenience of mobile users)
  • New button to skip intro(click Hypno at the beggining of the game

  • 2 new quest beggining:Enter the university and Hilda meets Team Skull
  • 13 new static images
  • Minor Interface improvement
  • Bug fixed:when enter bar choice buttons didn’t disappeared


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