Ionian Corps v0.2.1

Posted March 18, 2023

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Noxus has had a sudden rise in military might and all factions have been at war because of Noxus’ insatiable hunger for conquest and territorial expansion.
Because of Noxus’ military power being too great all the other factions are losing. Everyone’s decided to make an alliance and band together against their new common enemy. The alliance has decided to make small groups of elites to go behind the front lines of battle to bring down Noxus. Ionia has created the Ionian Corps to be the spearhead against Noxus.​



Release Date: 2019-12-02
Developer: Jansu Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D Game, Female Protagonist, RPG, Fantasy, Parody, Combat, Bestiality, Monster Girl, Monster, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex



– 5 CG Scenes, 2 Pin-Ups (Plus the new game cover and Patreon Banner)
– 3 new champions introduced (1 Female, 2 Male) Technically 5 new champions (You’ll see once you hit the ending for the update)
– A side quest has been added featuring 1 of the CG scenes

– Added new weapons to the shop for Akali and Soraka.
– Added the Revival Potion to the magic shops. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t there, I apologize.
– Buffed the Medium HP potion.
– Buffed Soraka’s “Simple Wish” skill.

Side Quest Info. How to Start The quest is available immediately after you rescue Soraka from Ravengard. You can talk to her at the campsite and go to the option “Ravengard?” That will then allow you to talk to Katie and you can go from there. To access more of the quest just interact with your new friend at the campsite.



– Fixed an issue where going to another part of a mountain map caused you to be in the wall.
– Fixed the issue where you’re stuck in Inhibition after completing the infiltration quest and defeat the prototype soldier.
– Fixed Akali joining the party after the horse quest.
– I’m not quite sure I fixed this, but I did attempt a work around. So I believe it should work. People were having an issue with the horse quest that after going through the scene in the campsite, they would just have a black screen by going to the campfire to attempt to leave. For the campsite I made it so the system would record the last exact map point that the player was present before going to the campsite. I’ve also made it so that the campsite is only accessible in the world map. The campfire is meant to send you back to that specific spot the system recorded. Knowing these things, you can see the problem that teleporting to the campsite from a location that wasn’t the world map might have caused the problem. So after the scene I made it so the system would teleport the player back to the world map instead of just back to the campsite. I believe this would fix the problem and the system would be able to recognize a map point again.



– 4 CGs:

2 new points of interest on the world map. There’s a beach and farm you can now go to where you’ll find 3/4 new CGs. Before you can access the CGs on the farm you’ll have to go through the SorakaxDog scene in Faramore. For 1/2 farm CGs you’ll need to speak to Xayah at camp about the events that take place on the farm. The last CG can be accessed from Evenlynn. In order to access it, however, you would have need to have helped her already. (Basically just go through Vlad’s task of helping her get funding for Inhibition. Just speak with her again and after the dialogue “I’ll see you around, my little fox” it should be available.)

 Camp Supplies: Now visible at all times, however can only be used on the world map. If you find yourself missing them just head on over to Stark and there should be a girl in front of the Inn that would be happy to give you some.

I think that’s all for this update. Again it’s only side content. Some of it can only be accessed if you have Akali, because it’s basically meant for Akali…



Hey everyone!

v0.2 is finally out! I apologize for the longer wait than the previous version, but, you know, school. I’d also like to apologize in advance for any bugs or inconveniences you find. I’ll try my best to fix them asap. I’m letting you know right now, the quest journal is NOT up to date with v0.2. I didn’t have time unfortunately D: So, you know. READ.

Anyway, what to expect:

– 5 scenes: 4CGs, 1 image

– Clothed Ahri a little bit more. She doesn’t have her stomach area showing anymore and her skirt is slightly longer.

– Avatar/bust feature added (press “PageUp/PgUp” to toggle it on or off. It can be quite buggy if you switch between Ahri’s normal outfit and “Nothing” while her avatar is off, so be warned.) ALSO: If you have her avatar active and you go into a scene, it will show up above it, I’m pretty sure. It’s only her base outfit that’s available, so it’s in your best interest to just leave it off. I know I should’ve fixed it, but I’m pressed on time and it’s not an essential fix at this moment.

– Removed the minimap feature. With the limitations of my knowledge on programming/coding I can’t figure out a way to make the minimap feature sustainable in the long run, more specifically the points of interest icons. It also felt a bit less immersive and less challenging.

– Typos from previous content in v0.1 fixed

All I can say is, like with every new initial build, SAVE OFTEN. I’ve played through the entire game over again and didn’t run into any problems, just typos. I can’t say that’ll be the case for everyone. I was an idiot and didn’t carry a previous save from 0.1 over into 0.2 to see if there’d be any problems with compatibility because I didn’t have any old saves. So, again I apologize in advance if there are any compatibility issues.

(Hotfix v0.2.1: Removed the dude giving “Admin” weapons in the middle of the world map. All admin weapons will be removed upon entering the world map and exiting.)





  • one press to move and interact
  • one press hold to speed up text
  • two finger press to open/close menu and cancel

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