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Lust Vessel APK v1.0 Android Port RPGM Adult Game Download

Lust Vessel APK Android Port RPGM Adult Visual Novel Game Latest Version 1.0 Download - Lust Vessel Android Port Laterst Version Download For FREE

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The Story so far, you control Kate, a literature major who awakens in her room in the cruise “Fun Space Fun” (property of an alien tycoon who can’t speak english) without recollection of what happened yesterday and with a terrible hangover. Soon she will realize that most of the passengers of the “Fun Space Fun” have turned into sex maniacs, Kate will have to traverse the cruise looking for her best friend who invited her to this cruise, looks for help and try to get out of the sex infested vessel. To accomplish that task she will meet a colorful cast of characters, who will help (or hinder) her escape and you will control or embrace her sexual urges.​



Updated: 2020-04-27
Developer/PublisherMoccasin’s Mirror – Blog – Twitter
Censorship: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Female hero; sci-fi; corruption; anal; vaginal; orgy; solo; f/m; f/f




Smoother v.2:

  • Fluid Step -frame rates are now base on your devices speed, if your devices goes below 30 frames per second, the game will now compensate by halving the animation speed to match up with your device
  • Memory leak fix – the game can no longer exceed 500mb in the ram so it prevents the game from lagging or crashing when playing for a longer expansion of time
  • Cache Manager -automatically flushes cache during game play so it does not stack up when playing that sometimes lead to game from crashing
  • Hide mode- Hide dialogue option
  • Fps Sync- Syncs the entire game to your device as close as possible

Resolute Code:

  • A modified code Specifically made for this ‘game’ 
  • This code enable all files to be loaded properly without causing the game a typical missing images or sound unless it is actually missing, Unlike back then that ABC.png is missing cause the existing file is Abc.png which  is very different for an android ABC is not equal to Abc so it thinks the file is missing
  • Still early experimental implementation but has shown promising results
  • This particular game does not show any error as far as i could tell and test 


  • one press to move
  • one long press to speed up
  • two fingers at the same time to open menu
  • two fingers press during dialogue to hide dialogue box



Download files for Lust Vessel

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