Magical Country v0.3b

Posted May 18, 2022

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Magical Country APK v0.3b Android Adult Visual Novel Game Download

Magical Country APK Android Adult Visual Novel Game Latest Version 0.3b Download - Magical Country Android Visual Novel Adult Game Download

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There is a young man named Ricky Pradana. He and his mother went to a new apartment in the city of Magical, but shortly after the trip he had a problem with a girl in the new city he visited. The girl’s name is Monika, she asks Ricky for help. But his request made a new problem in the life of Ricky who wanted to start growing up. But his mother somehow believed in Monika
How about the story? If I may to say, I made a story about a SuperHero​

Thread updated 2018-12-29
Release Date: 2018-11-15
Developer/Publisher: DarkCandy19 Patreon
Censorship: No
Language: English Indonesian
OS: Windows
version: 0.3b
Genre:  3dcg , male protagonist, supernatural, big tits, hardcore, anal sex,



What’s new in version 0.3b :

+ New character update

+ New story update

+ Update point system

+ Update “Game Mode” (On the options)

+ Added 150+ image scenes

+ Added new scene animations

+ Added Gallery

+ Added Extra Contents

1. Added side story (secret contents)

2. Added Scrapbook

3. Magical Maps (Feel free to Magical City experience) * Remember, this game is still beta

4. Added minigames (On computer)

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