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Mira Co Rescue v0.4.0

Posted March 18, 2023

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Mira Co Rescue APK v0.4.0 Android Port Adult Game Download

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Mira Co Rescue is an RPG Maker MV RPG with a lewd state based combat system. Multiple enemies with different fetishes/perils to inflict on the three party team!
Mira’s tricks have finally landed herself and her friends in a mess of trouble. Now that her maid staff has been captured by the various creatures of the land, Mira, Hemmy, and Selena must travel the world to save them from being an endless supply of Mana. But they must tread carefully themselves as they can just as easily end up needing rescue as well!


Release Date: 2020-04-01
Developer: Ankhrono – Website – Twitter – Picarto
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Role Playing, Female Protagonist, nsfw, Turn-Based Combat, Yuri




  • On Map Encounters
  • Multi-stage perils
  • 7 Game Over sequences for various monster types (5 normal enemies, 2 bosses)
  • 174 total battle sprites across 17 peril types/enemies!
  • 3 Areas with 1 WIP Area.




-Fixed a bug with the Silk Worm which caused 0HP to not correctly register as ‘Captured KO’ state.
-Added in some of the updated art that didn’t transfer to the new build correctly such as Enemy Sprites.

-Added 6 new Game Over sequences (30 images)
-Refined Art Assets across Battle Sprites, Enemies, Face Images and replaced more placeholder images for maids and NPCs.

[Bug Fixes]
-Fixed Skill Update crystals that appear in the Khrono Courtyard and the special area accessed through the Key Item “Ankhrono Replica” to unlock all skills that were added to the game if you are using a different save file.
-Updated Battle Text
-Fixed Sarcophagus Core not being sellable
-Fixed some skills being accessible from normal menus instead of only battles.

What’s New [From 0.1.0]

New Area: Emma’s Garden
-Added 4 New Enemies with 48 new battle sprites! (All with nude variants)

New Area: Spider Girl Cave
-Added 6 New Enemies with 51 new battle sprites! (4 Nude Only / 2 Normal/Nude)
-2 Holiday Enemies (Halloween/Winter Solstice) with 24 new battle sprites.

Game Overs:  13 Game Over Sequences across 65 images.

New Area: Coastal City
-Added 6 New Scenes to find.  (Split between 3 Event types.  1 Intro Scene, 2 Events (Starts to  longer chains), and a 3 Part Event)

New Manor Functionality:  Manor Restoration has been updated to restore some rooms in the Manor to interact with.

Spend 2000G at the store to unlock it. (Required for some City Events)

Battle Room/Gallery:  Accessed through Key Item “Ankhrono Replica” there is a gallery to view all battle sprites/unlocked game overs and a battle room to fight enemies.

[Dev Notes]

We’ve reached another milestone build of 0.4.0!

This build is mostly cleanup of current art assets and adding the missing Game Over sequences for all enemies in the three finished areas.

Current Plans:

-Work on completing the remaining work in progress map, the Khrono Tomb to round out the current content that is available.

-Complete Game Over sequences for Holiday Enemies and Khrono Tomb.

-Further Mira’s side job which can eventually lead to game overs.  Introduce Hemmy and Selena’s side jobs.

-Implement more side events at the Khrono Manor that involve saved maids, recovered objects, and visitors  from completed areas.

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