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School Game Apk

School Game APK Android Adult Game Latest Version Download


School Game APK Android Port is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn’t it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?​



Release Date: 2021-12-26
Developer: Sloths Command Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.924 Bugfix 1
OS: Windows, Android, Linux
Language: English (machine translated), Russian
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Big Tits, Creampie, Sandbox, RPG, Simulator, Strategy



New content:
— More than two dozen new elections have been added to the existing events with Ayano Eshida. The initial events and some interactions were mainly affected. With the help of them, it will be much easier to play the role of your character. In addition, some initial events became a target of edits to match the new ones in quality.
— Added a new storyline directly related to Meiko and your interactions with her. At the moment, this is one initial event with more than 10,000 words and a huge number of outcomes/choices. Even your attributes and choices before can affect this scene!
— Now, if you drink alcohol together with randomized female NPCs when they are visiting you, you will have new interactions. You can pour aphrodisiac, caffeine, and sleeping pills directly into your guest’s alcohol. Different actions will affect the invited NPC in different ways, so you should be careful in this case.
— Now, if you drank alcohol with a female randomized NPC, and he fell asleep right during this interaction, you will have new options for action. You can both take a picture with a video camera in your inventory and masturbate on her. In addition, a few more features have been added to these new mechanics that will make this interaction even more interesting.
— Now, at the beginning of a sex scene with randomized NPCs, there is a choice in which you can either start having sex right away or start having foreplay. When choosing the second option, there are many possible branches in the scene: both successful for your character, which depends on his sexual experience, and the development of events far from luck.
— The vagina was completely redrawn in sex scenes with randomized NPCs to a more aesthetic and beautiful-looking version.
— A new button has appeared in the menu with available actions in the room: alarm clock. With it, you can now set an alarm for the time the player needs.
— Added a new “back” button when creating the main character. With it, you can go back to the previous pages in which you set up your character but then realize that you want to change something in it.
— Now, if you have a very good relationship with a randomized NPC, information about the total number of her sexual acts will appear in the biography window and the category with information.
— Plenty of movements and interactions for the main character have been added to the sex scene with randomized NPCs. As a result, the scene now does not look so static and has more dynamics.
— A new action has been added to the video camera in your inventory, allowing you to view photos taken of female randomized NPCs by their ID. You can view them at any time.
— In a sex scene with randomized NPCs, there are stockings and underwear worn by the NPCs, which, if they are wearing, can either be removed or left when having sex.
— A new variation of underwear for female randomized NPCs has been added to the generation pool. In addition, the chances of generation with different underwear has been adjusted.
— Added a new item to the online store – aphrodisiac. With its help, if used correctly, it is much easier to achieve vulgar interactions from randomized NPCs.
— Now, when having sex with a randomized NPC, that one with some chance can pump vulgarity, endurance, and dexterity, depending on how long you have sex with her.
— The “Combat skills” category was removed from the diary and replaced with “Neutral Skills”. The indicators of gambling and sexual experience were moved into it. In addition, new indicators have appeared in the same category: combat experience, attractiveness modifier, programming skill, as well as physical fitness.
— Now, each randomized female NPCs grow pubic hair in 8 days, regardless of the conditions set by the initial generation. Also, depending on their vulgarity index and sexual experience, they may decide to either shave them or leave them.
— Now, if a randomized NPC has a vulgarity above 90, he automatically changes his character to a perverted one. In addition, now, if you mock the NPC and successfully break it, it automatically becomes from 20 to 50 vulgarities, regardless of how much it was before the interaction.
— Now the blood of a randomized female virgin NPC is automatically turned off when having sex with her if it turned off at all in the game settings.
— Now, if a randomized female NPC is a futanari, his penis will be displayed during sex scenes. In addition, some other exclusive moments have been added for them during the scene itself.
— Added a new variation of the position of the legs of a female randomized NPC during sex scenes.
— The system that distributed attributes during the generation of randomized NPCs was adjusted. Now attributes are issuing more logically. For example, hooligans are giving much more strength attributes, and recluses and others on the contrary. In addition, a lot of flaws and bugs have been fixed in the generator itself, as well as its overall performance have been improved.
— In the sex scene with randomized NPCs, there are now even more accidents and outcomes that depend directly on both the attributes/actions of the main character and ending with the attributes of the sexual partner.
— During sex with randomized NPCs, there are now even more secretions from both the main character and his partner, starting from the pool of male semen adjusted by new variations and ending with female secretions.
— The activities between randomized NPCs have been corrected and slightly refined: the distribution of activities itself has been corrected, their description in some moments, as well as the shortcomings related to the activities that the initiator and the NPC receiving the activity assumed, have been corrected. These are such activities as beatings, extortion of money, forced hugs, and others.
— Now, after fights/aggressive interactions of randomized NPCs against randomized NPCs, they may have bruises and bruises with a very low chance.
— Now, if the randomized NPC you have sex with has bruises and bruises, they will be displayed in sex scenes as well.

Bug Fixes:
— Fixed a flaw in which, at the beginning of a sex scene with a randomized NPC, the emotion was inappropriate.
— Fixed an exception that occurs if an NPC wears one type of stockings during a sex scene with randomized NPCs.
— Fixed a bug where if the fear of a randomized NPC reaches a value less than -100, then its value will change to 100.
— Fixed a bug where during gameplay, when choosing Yuki Oota’s side at a student council meeting and provided that you live either with Yuki or Ayano, events unrelated to the ongoing storyline could fall out. In addition, some other story events with their conditions have been fixed.
— Fixed a bug where during sex with randomized NPCs, the color of secretions and their hue could differ significantly during the movements of the main character.
— Fixed a bug where even if you refuse a randomized NPC to join the occult club, he could be in your club room after hours.
— Fixed a bug where an exception could come out related to the old game mode.
— Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown during sex with a randomized NPC if he had pubic hair.
— Fixed a bug where an exception could come out when drinking alcohol with a randomized NPC at the main character’s house.
— Fixed a bug that occurs when an event with a randomized NPC falls out when talking to him.
— Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown if you tried to give something to a randomized NPC. In addition, a bug has been fixed in which it was possible to gave women’s things to randomized NPC guys.
— Fixed a bug where an exception was made for randomized NPCs during the training of the possibility of changing standardized school uniforms.
— Fixed a bug where if a randomized NPC had no layer with the back of the hair, an exception was thrown when trying to photograph it.
— Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown when a randomized NPC came to your club to join it.
— Fixed a bug that could come out if you try to find a randomized NPC using a new function.
— Fixed all possible errors/exceptions related to the management of the occult club.
— Fixed a bug where the glitter from the eyes did not disappear in a sex scene with randomized NPCs when he closed his eyes.
— Fixed a bug where clothes with sleeves when undressing NPCs using the “Dexterous Hands” perk did not change the position of the sleeves, remaining in the T position.
— A lot of graphic flaws in sex scenes with randomized NPCs have been fixed: in some places, the line, shadows have been corrected, a graphic defect has been removed, where if 4id of sperm falls on a girl, she goes through the chest, and much more has been fixed.
— Fixed Russian words in English translation in some game moments. In addition, typos and errors have been corrected in some aspects of the game in the English translation.
— Fixed a bug where the initial welcome reaction might not be displayed when communicating with a randomized female NPC.
— Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown when trying to swim with a randomized female NPC if playing on an English translation.
— Fixed a bug where freelancing could not give the promised amount of money.
— Fixed a lot of spelling, punctuation, and lexical errors in the Russian translation of the game. In addition, the English translation of the game has been improved in some points.

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