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The Dangerous Road Home at Night APK v2.0 Hentai Game Download

The Dangerous Road Home at Night APK Android Hentai Mobile Game Latest Version 2.0 Download - The Dangerous Road Home at Night Android APK Download Free

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Play as 3 heroines, and find out the mystery of the disappearing schoolgirls.
What lies ahead: the truth behind the incidents, or a tragic lust-filled end?

The game plot is three girls must uncover a secret conspiracy, revolving around the disappearance of young girls in their small city, using skills gained from their respective professions. You will play as each one in episodic chapters, seeing the story from each of their perspectives. There is no combat in this game.
However, each character’s choices and decisions will affect those of the other characters as you play more of the game. Because the game has multiple endings, multiple playthroughs are required to unlock all of them.


* A searching RPG with no battles.
* On the road at night, your Fear parameter increases. If it reaches the max, it’s game over.
* Use recovery items and calming events to lower your fear, and progress.
* All H scenes contain rape.
* 10+ bad endings for when you hit game over.



Release Date: Japanese 2019-12-29, English 2020-03-19
Developer: Retro lab DLsite
Translator: Emerald_Gladiator
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 2.0
OS: Windows
Language: English



Smoother v.2:

  • Fluid Step -frame rates are now base on your devices speed, if your devices goes below 30 frames per second, the game will now compensate by halving the animation speed to match up with your device
  • Memory leak fix – the game can no longer exceed 500mb in the ram so it prevents the game from lagging or crashing when playing for a longer expansion of time
  • Cache Manager -automatically flushes cache during game play so it does not stack up when playing that sometimes lead to game from crashing
  • Hide mode- Hide dialogue option
  • Fps Sync- Syncs the entire game to your device as close as possible



  • one press to move and interact
  • one long press to speed up
  • two finger press to open/close menu and cancel
  • two finger press during dialog hides dialog box

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