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Casual Desires APK v0.18c Android Port Adult Game Download

Casual Desires APK Android Port Visual Novel Adult Game Download - Casual Desires Android Adult Porn Game Download

Casual Desires Apk


Casual Desires APK Android Adult Game Latest Version with Walkthrough and Gallery MOD APK Download


Casual Desires APK Android Port Adult Game – Approaching her 19th birthday, and home alone after her parents leave for a business opportunity, the protagonist decides to combat her boredom by finding a part-time job and exploring her sexuality. Will her porn addiction and exhibitionism fetish take her down an ever-escalating road of perversion and depravity? Or will she forever remain an innocent virgin? Well, I think we all know which direction things will go…​

Casual Desires Adult Game is an erotic visual novel, focused primarily on our half-Japanese, half-German protagonist, and her growing perversions and exhibitionist tendencies. Casual Desires takes influence from both Japanese and western visual novels, and seeks to tell a sexy and cheerful story, with occasional dramatic moments.


Some types of in-game sexual content include:

  • Exhibitionism
  • Lesbian sex
  • Group sex
  • Swinging
  • Anal & DP
  • Dom/Sub
  • Creampie

And of course, plenty more is featured as well!



The Protagonist: Her name is Rita by default, but the player may choose her name at the start. Almost 19 years old, she is the daughter of a wealthy German father and Japanese mother. Her family moved to Vancouver before she was born. Energetic and friendly, she has a high sex drive, including a porn addiction and exhibitionism fetish. The player’s decisions will determine her sexuality, as well as how slutty she becomes.

Violet: A cooler, more determined girl who will freely use self-defense in the event of a pervert or molester. Violet works at a local café, and has a moderate degree of sexual experience. Her boyfriend wishes to try new and perverted things with her. How much she obliges with his requests, however, is up to the player…

Haruka: The protagonist’s closest female friend, whom she met while studying abroad in Japan during middle school. Haruka is studious and diligent, and recently moved to Vancouver for university. There is a possibility that Haruka may be interested in the protagonist as more than just friends.

Luna: While similar to the protagonist in personality, Luna shares neither the porn addiction nor the kinks. This makes her as innocent as a girl can be, as she has never even kissed before. Luna works at a local café along with Violet, who frequently teases Luna for her naivety. Her main goal is to save enough money for tuition, as she will soon be starting her first year of university.

Sara: Introduced in Act 2 of the story, Sara is a fresh high school teacher in her mid-twenties. She has a Polish background, and plays a mentor role to the other girls. While Sara has some sexual experience, she isn’t quite as experimental as Violet… though perhaps that may change!

Many other characters exist as sexual/romantic options as well, including Mia (an outdoorsy girl with a lesbian twist), Josh and Connor (the protagonist’s close male friends), her two male bosses, a fellow model, and more!



  • Two main routes the player can follow: the straight route, and the lesbian route. It is also possible to mix and match these for a bisexual playthrough.
  • An optional ‘Lesbian Mode‘ toggle to keep things girls-only.
  • stats screen that tracks the protagonist’s entire sexual history, including how many people she has slept with, blowjobs given, etc.
  • Selectable sexual background. It is up to you whether she starts as a virgin, or with one of several other options determining her history.
  • Optional virginity loss for all available sex scenes. It is possible to play the entire game as a virgin, or to only engage in anal sex or foreplay.
  • Romance between the protagonist and male or female characters, which will soon include options for full relationships, as well as potential harem outcomes.


Release Date: 2023-12-21
Developer: ionDivvy – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.19b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English



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