Crystal City: Stop The Earth, I’m Getting Off [Completed]

Posted June 8, 2024

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Crystal City APK [Completed] Android Port Visual Novel Game Download

Crystal City APK Android Port Adult Visual Novel Game Completed Download - Crystal City: Stop The Earth, I'm Getting Off Android port Download.

You are young and smart but your thick-lensed glasses make you undesirable in the prime of life. Nonetheless, an unexpected chance turns up for you to become a man. During sex you are teleported to another world… and it’s up to you to have to save it from a global disaster! Eventually, you need to find your way back home… But how?.. The same way you got here! – find a girl but don’t fall in love because you will probably never see her again.

Title: Stop The Earth, I’m Getting Off: Crystal City
VNDB: Stop The Earth, I’m Getting Off: Crystal City
Length: unknown
Year: 2017
Developer/Publisher: Enjoy Games
Version: Final
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English, Russian
Voice: No Voice

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