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Karlssons Gambit APK v0.7b Android Port Adult Game Download

Karlssons Gambit APK Android Port Visual Novel Adult Game Latest Version v0.7b Download - Karlssons Gambit Android Port Erotic Mobile Game Download

Karlssons Gambit Apk


Karlssons Gambit APK Android Adult Game Latest Version with MOD APK Download


Karlssons Gambit APK Android Port You play as a male protagonist who has recently been – in his mind unfairly – arrested and sentenced to five years in prison. While in prison, he is approached by a mysterious woman who offers him an opportunity to work under a special “inmate rehabilitation” program with one of the richest companies in the world, The Karlsson Group. This program will allow him to get out of his sentence in only six months instead of five long years…if he can survive and thrive. Little does he know that he will be exposed to a far more dangerous and strange situation than he anticipated, as he will be exposed to a world of conflict, ambition, cruelty, passion, and of course sex.​

In Karlsson’s Gambit Adult Game, your character is in prison, and you feel that he has been unfairly convicted. You’ve got a five-year prison sentence, but things are about to change. You meet a woman in prison who is rehabilitating prisoners. She has connections to The Karlsson Group, and if you do what she says, you’ll get out of prison in six months. The world you’re about to be exposed to is nothing like you ever experienced before. It’s filled with cruelty, lies, and the kind of sex that only people without a conscious can enjoy.


Release Date: 2023-05-07
Developer: Grym Gudinna Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7b Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Visual Novel, Multiple Protagonists, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Blowjob, Multiple Endings, Bdsm, Female Domination, Male Domination, Humiliation, Lesbian, Milf, Romance, Oral Sex, Teasing, Cheating, Dystopian Setting, Mobile Game, Vaginal Sex



Install Instruction
– Download APK and RPA
– Install the apk and run it once.
– Move the RPA file to the game directory on your phone: Documents/Renpy_Saves/com.estrada777.karlsonsgambit/game The file MUST be named : archive0.7.rpa 
– Restart the game and enjoy.



MOD Features:

  • Improved aesthetics with animated mod menus/screens, all fully customizable to tailor your personal experience.
  • Too many story branches got you down ’cause you can’t remember which of your saves is which? I gotcha covered. Includes the Original SanchoMod save description feature. Often imitated the SanchoSave is more intelligent and efficient, saving you keystrokes as it remembers the descriptions of your current loaded save and it allows you to escape the process of saving if you wish (I’ve personally not seen this feature with other imitations).
  • Adds multiple exhaustive stats screens always accessible via the MiniMenu or Options menu. Resizable, toggle-enabled, various formats, and more.
  • Adds in-game walkthrough ChoiceGuide noting variable changes and highlighting important choices. Can be toggled on/off at anytime, play as YOU want to play. You are not forced to view spoilers if you do not wish.
  • Multiple opacity and text sizing options to customize your experience including dialogue text and fonts, QuickMenu sizing and format versions, and more. All can be toggled on/off as desired, again allowing you even more control to tailor your experience.
  • Adds a custom fully unlocked scene gallery.
  • Too many new features to list.






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