Tears Of Yggdrasil [Completed]

Posted December 5, 2022

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Tears Of Yggdrasil APK [Completed] Android Port Adult Game Download

Tears Of Yggdrasil APK Android Port Completed Visual Novel Adult Game Download - Tears Of Yggdrasil Android Port Download For FREE

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Our story revolves around our protagonist Yamakazi Kusanagi that wakes up after a big earthquake in Alfheim, the land of elves. He must now figure out what caused him to be brought here and how to get back home.

Once arrived in this magical land he strives to find out if there are any connections between the so called worldwide earth-shaking in Alfheim and the earthquakes back home while trying to stay alive and figure out who is trying to assassinate the princess of this land and take over the kingdom.

Does this person have anything with his being here or the earthquake activity?


Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Multiple Endings, Harem, Fantasy, Futanari
VNDBTears of Yggdrasil



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