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Terminal Desires APK v0.09 Android Port Adult Game Download

Terminal Desires APK Android Port RPGM Adult Game Download - Terminal Desires Android Port Latest Version 0.09 Download For FREE.

Terminal Desires Apk


Terminal Desires APK Android Adult Game Latest Version with Beast Patch Download


Terminal Desires APK Android Port – is an erotic, zombie themed, role playing game made with RPG Maker MV. Set in a fictional version of Earth where incredibly skimpy outfits and huge proportions are the norm. Control police officer Tiffany Neil as she and her partner investigate a mysterious distress signal from the small, secluded town of ‘Ashton Lake’ and uncover the horrors within.
Explore the town, face fearsome enemies in combat, make important story defining decisions and sexual choices. Will she submit to her every desire? Or will she resist and uncover the shocking truth hidden deep within the town’s walls? Her fate, along with the town’s is yours to decide…​


Release Date: 2020-12-23
Developer/Publisher: Jimjim Patreon – Blogspot
Censorship: None
Version: 0.09
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Oral, Female protagonist, Vaginal, Very Big tits, Very Big dicks, 3dcg, 2dgame, Adventure, Combat, Monsters, Impregnation, Zombie bestiality.






  • one press to move
  • one long press to speed up
  • two fingers at the same time to open menu
  • hold and drag down on the menu to see the save option



Smoother v.2:

  • Fluid Step -frame rates are now base on your devices speed, if your devices goes below 30 frames per second, the game will now compensate by halving the animation speed to match up with your device
  • Memory leak fix – the game can no longer exceed 500mb in the ram so it prevents the game from lagging or crashing when playing for a longer expansion of time
  • Cache Manager -automatically flushes cache during game play so it does not stack up when playing that sometimes lead to game from crashing
  • Hide mode- Hide dialogue option
  • Fps Sync- Syncs the entire game to your device as close as possible

Download files for Terminal Desires

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I love boobies

The file that I’m trying to download is no longer available (Android).
I’d like to give this a 0 star


Where to put password: Fister? (On android)


Not available please update the link


Not available

Myat Thu

Please Update This Games.Waiting for This Update
I’m really Love to Play This Game.