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Posted June 5, 2024

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The Hunter APK v1.0 Android Port Adult Game Download

The Hunter APK Android Port Visual Novel RPG Adult Game Latest Version 1.0 Download - The Hunter Android Port Adult RPGM Game Download For FREE

You’re playing as Kaya, a girl living in a women-only village who’ll get to learn how to become a “Hunter”. Basically, she’ll hunt male creatures for women requesting it. The goal is to find them, fight them with a sex-based combat system, train them and deliver them to the requester.


Release Date: 2019-10-30
DeveloperArk Thompson
Censorship: None
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Rpg, 3DCG, Erotic Adventure, Female Protagonist, Small Tits, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Lesbian, Groping, Fingering, Beastiality, Scat


– Added a tutorial box to make things clearer about how shops works and the fact that talking to girls through desk don’t lead to the same result than talking to them directly.

Art Addition:
– 1 new scene has been added to the game.
– 5 new hentai scenes have been added to the game.
– 39 new H pics have been added to the game.
– 5 new pics have been added to the game.
– 1 new sprite has been added to the game (Halcyon) and Kaya got a new sprite based on her new outfit.
– 1 new Title screen has been added to the game (+ 1 variation).
– 20 new pixel character have been added to the game (including Halcyon).
– Kaya’s new outfit pixel character has been added to the game.

Art Update:
– From here on, each new update will have a new title screen linked to the content of the update. Said title screen will come with at least one variation (or more depending on the look of the title screen) and they will be randomized everytime you access the title screen menu.

Gameplay Update:
– The prologue has been removed from the game. The Hunter ends up being a bit too light-hearted for such a dark prologue. I’ll implement past story elements here and there to fill the gaps, but some elements will be different.

Gameplay Addition:
– 20 new maps have been added to the game.
– A new passive skill has been added to Kaya. It allows interactive elements to appear when you’re on a case next to them.
– Due to the addition above, the icon apparition has been tweaked to appear above Kaya’s head rather than above the item (it’s also the case for the scanner).



The game has been finally cleaned!! All useless audio files have been removed (dividing by 6 the size of the audio folder) and all picture files have been compressed to gain more space without loss of quality (dividing by 2 the size of the picture folder).
Overall, the game’s size was almost divided by two (1,3 Gb to 850 Mb).


– Corrected the fact Akane’s dialogue unlocking the forest’s outskirt would repeat endlessly if you kept clicking on Akane.
– Corrected the movements of the fly and dogs inside the pen so they look smoother.
– Corrected the fact Talia was twice at the same place if you started the quest to get Elena’s bike but didn’t see the gun shooting masturbation scene.
– Corrected the fact it was possible to trigger Tambara’s scat scene right away if you checked the flower pot in front of her house (it was a testing element I forgot to remove.)
– Corrected a bug causing Freya not to talk anymore after the first bar evening show.
– Corrected the fact you had to click on the stairs to go to the 1st floor in Carmen’s bar.
– Corrected the fact that the piss stream attack mentionned the mutant fly when used on the chimpanzee.
– Corrected the fact that the Smegma Smearing attack from the chimpanzee was a draining attack (wasn’t supposed to be) and was written in French.
– Corrected the fact it was possible to harvest the first white petals on the left of the maze forest before acquiring the scanner.
– Corrected the fact that trying to get a second dog by fighting one in the tutorial place of the forest maze wouldn’t add another dog to the pen when it should have.
– Corrected the fact the broken statue in the forest outskirt was crossable once you had picked up the charcoal powder.
– Corrected many occurences where Kaya didn’t say her “There’s nothing else” line when clicking on a place where you had picked up something.
– Corrected the pathfinding in the barrel guy room and in subject 74’s room.
– Corrected the fact you could walk over the fallen shelf in the 3rd floor of the Free Folks’ hideout.
– Corrected the fact that coming out of the female restroom made you appear in front of the male restroom.
– Corrected the fact Zoey’s house is accessible from the start (while it shouldn’t be unless her scene with Ruby has been seen)
– Corrected the fact that Kaya’s initial level was 10 (instead of 1). Corrects bugs like having the skills “Masturbation” and “Blowjob” right from the start of the game.
– Corrected a bug that showed only 98% of height of Tambara, Jeanette & Cristina’s introduction.
– Corrected a bug that allowed to sell books to Jeanette right from the start instead of waiting until Tambara tells you that it’s possible.
– Corrected a bug that wouldn’t show Ruby’s introduction if you clicked on Zoey to trigger the scene between the two.
– Corrected the fact that Zoey’s Examination scene didn’t darken the map before it started.
– Corrected the fact that the scene between Freya and Liv didn’t fade out properly.

Art Addition:

– 5 new hentai scenes have been added to the game.
– 133 new H pics were added to the game.
– 1 new non-H pic was added to the game.
– 65 pics were created for the Gallery system.
– 1 new title screen has been added to the game (+1 naked variation)
– 1 new pixel character has been added to the game.

Art Update:

– The UI elements of the title screen have been updated: They are now blue (instead of Orange/Yellow) and feature the same font than the Title.
– Kaya’s house’s front was slightly tweaked to make it a bit more “old-looking” (should be improved in future updates).
– All pics of the game have been shrunk in size (by half) without losing quality.

Gameplay Update:

– All combat values were tweaked. Here are the changes:
– Ennemies deal fix amount of damage per attack. Each attack deals a definite amount of Wild. Damage with a Delta that can range between 5% and 30% depending on the attack.
– Kaya’s skills now deal damages based on stats. Each attack deals a definite amount of Wild. Damage that are modified by two elements: Kaya’s Level & Kaya’s Dexterity.
– Each attack deals damage following that base formula: (Base Wild. Damage x (Kaya’s level + Kaya’s Dexterity))/10.
– Kaya’s dexterity grows with each level. The value will be shown at some point when the whole menu will be reworked.
– With that formula, the fact that Kaya can gain level through experience will have a usefull impact (Skills will deal more damages as she’ll get more levels.)
– Considering how locked in the story it is, the abandonned laboratory fights are NOT following that rule (all skills (Kaya’s and foes’) deal a fix amount of damage.)

– The ennemies that were added in v0.17 (The mutant fly, the chimpanzee and the Swantox) now have a real attack pattern (with some skills activating under certain conditions.)
– The Piss Stream skill was improved: it deals more damage and now has 33% chances of making the foe dizzy (instead of 15% before). The % is also mentionned in the skill’s description.
– A small tutorial message has been added on Kaya’s shelf (it’ll shine until it’s read) to explain the player about the fetish selector feature (explained under).

Gameplay Addition:

– A whole new saving screen has been added. It’s the same one than SoV2 with minor tweaks.
– As a consequence, you can now save on 50 different slots! Don’t hesitate to save often!
– The new Fetish Selector has been implemented. Choose which fetishes you want to skip/see thanks to that easy function you’ll find in the game’s menu. If you take an old save, all fetishes will be turned off. You have to activate them manually. If you start a new game, they’ll all be on ON.
– The gallery system has been implemented! You can now rewatch scenes you’ve already seen (provided they’re not replayable, which means Shows, Game Overs and Valera scenes are NOT in the gallery). They have a color based on their rarity or their length/number of pic. It ranges from green (most common/short) to blue, violet and gold (Rarest/Longest).
– The gallery system WORKS in combination with the fetish selector. Not seeing a scene because of the fetish selector will STILL unlock it) and clicking on a scene in the gallery that shouldn’t be seen because of the fetish selector will be skipped too.
– 64 scenes are accessible in the gallery system. All ordered by 1) Girl (when there are several girls, it’s often the one asking for sex that will have their scene under their name (except in a few cases)) 2) Chronology. SCENES FROM v0.18 ARE NOT REWATCHABLE FOR NOW!


v0.19 fix
Bug fixes


– Corrected the fact it was potentially possible to fight a dog with a zombie in the team (and vice-versa). It’s now impossible as it led to different possible bugs.
– Corrected the fact it was possible to acquire cum vials in the pen before acquiring the motorbike.
– Corrected some elements that were still crossable in the laboratory (respectively the staircase, the men’s bathroom and the research office in B2.)
– Corrected the fact that coming out from Freya’s church as Akane was making you leave Talia’s tent instead.
– Corrected the fact that Jeanette’s toilet door was showing Kaya’s text while playing as Akane.
– Corrected the fact that the scenes between the dog/zombies and Akane would get locked after the 1st night at Carmen’s bar (now they’re only locked temporarily and can get unlocked after finishing the laboratory quest.)
– FINALLY corrected the fact the zombie blowjob animations were showing the dog ones (took me long enought to find out where the problem came from)

Art Addition:
– 67 non-H pics have been added to the game
– A HUGE big non-H scene was added as the whole content of this version. It contains all the pics mentionned above.
– 1 new title screen has been added to the game (+1 naked variation)
– 3 new charsets have been added to the game

Art Update:
– The wolves of the Wolf Queen now have their own sprites
– Svetlana’s pixel version has been corrected (had a black line showing above her head on her horizontal walk animation).

Gameplay Update:
– The zombies and the dogs you fight in the Maze Forest/Lost Town will now drop cum vial starting the moment you’ll acquire the motorbike.
– The creatures of the forest outskirts now spawn again when you leave the map and come back. This allows farming of cum vial and elements of craft.
– Alejandra’s dialogue has changed a bit concerning their “services”. Since the game is now finished, they’ll stay at 2 level each instead of the 5 originally planned.
– The gallery now allows arrows to be used in any directions rather than simply up/down.

Gameplay Addition:
– 2 new maps have been added to the game.






  • one touch to interact
  • one long touch to speed up text
  • two finger press to open and close the menu and cancel

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