The Nobleman Retort [Completed]

Posted June 5, 2024

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The Nobleman Retort APK Android Adult Mobile Game Download

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The Nobleman Retort APK Android Adult Game Download


Young nobleman Johan lived rent-free in the manor of his lord uncle
until Octavia, the lady of the house, expelled him.
The embittered nobleman came upon a demon who taught him a power.
Thus, he plotted his revenge on Octavia, and her daughter Isabel.


Developer / Publisher: Clymenia – dlsite
Censorship: yes
Version: v1.03 Final
Platform: Pc/Windows
Language: English




  • one press to move and interact
  • one press hold to speed up text
  • two finger press to open/close menu and cancel 


Onyx Stone:

  • A mod added for this particular build that doesn’t exist in the original game 
  • To activate [Onyx Stone] Select [Mysterious Stone] in your Key items
  • Choose to Enable Cheats, this will turn [Mysterious Stone] to [Onyx Stone]
  • Once [Onyx Stone] is selected it can no longer be disabled
  • Choosing to Disable Cheats will turn [Mysterious Stone] into [Pretty Stone] 
  • Once [Pretty Stone] is selected it can no longer be enabled
  • In other to change game play you must start a New Game where it will reset the stone for that  new gameplay


What Engine is this:
  • This is our new experimental engine that is a mixture of vx ace and mz 
  • may still have some problem , the process is still a work in progress 
  • our goals is to eventually port more vx ace rpg 


What’s Different:

  • Fog effect can’t be recreated because the code use for it is deprecated in the process
  • AI is a lot slower and dumber because of the same reason that the code is deprecated and i had to use the one shelve AI 
  • Dumb does not equal weaker ai in the contrary you’re handicapped most of the game because the battle AI is smarter or as smart as the original AI battler  in VX ACE
  • Battlers are slightly raised is a ratio problem
  • Animation is a hit or miss because of the size difference of ace and mz/mv
  • Icon-set is a mess


Game is just Black Screen fix:
  • The seem to be suffering from auto play
  • just simply tap the left or right of the game where the borders should be
  • this should enable auto play which should make the game run normally

Download files for The Nobleman Retort

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