Total NC: Cameo Collector v2.0

Posted July 5, 2024

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Total NC Cameo Collector APK v2.0 Android Port Adult Game Download

Total NC Cameo Collector APK Android Port RPGM Adult Visual Novel Game Download - Total NC Cameo Collector Android Port Version 2.0 Download.

About this game:
Turn your late grandfather’s shop into a successful brothel!
– Summon over 36 girls from all over the universe. Vote for what girl you want to summon!
– Send them to work in your brothel (4 CG scenes per girl)
– Watch over them in the main brothel area (pixel sprites)
– Currently over 150 CGs and counting!​

Updated: 2019-01-01
Censorship: No
Version: 2.0 Public (equals to v17.0)
Platform: Windows, Mac
Genre: male protagonist, oral sex, virgin, milf, vaginal sex, anal sex, slave, sex toys
Code: 12718058



Public 2.0
went from 25 to 36 characters
went from 40 CG to 150 unique CG




Total NC: Cameo Collector Controls:

  • one press to interact
  • saving is in the log book then  open menu

Download files for Total NC: Cameo Collector

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