Train Your Ass With Elsa v1.01

Posted March 16, 2024

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Train Your Ass With Elsa APK v1.01 Android Adult Game Download

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Train Your Ass With Elsa Apk


Train Your Ass With Elsa APK Android Adult Game Latest Version Download


Aroma Sensei, known for her amazing drawings and comics,
and talented motion graphics artist DryreL came together in the Train Your Ass With Elsa parody game!

A spin-off parody game for The Frozen.
Elsa and Anna decide to open an Instagram live video. She shows viewers her fit body and favorite exercises.
Someone calls out Elsa in the middle of the live video. Anna goes to control Elsa and encounters something unexpected.​


Release Date: 2021-07-24
Art Developer: Aroma Sensei Patreon – Gumroad – Instagram – Twitter
Developer: Viznity
Censored: No
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish



– Unity engine updated
– Multiple resolution support added
– NPOT textures removed
– Audio optimized
– Music cut on scene change fixed
– Sprite atlas added
– All UI Anchors fixed
– Dialogue system updated
– Dialogue scale improved
– Button sounds added
– Clothe sounds added
– Scene transition added
– All animations are transcoded
– Button script updated
– Supporters updated
– Build size optimized
– Linux and Mac builds added
– Unnecessary screen deleted
– Pause menu fixed

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