Dragon Throne v4.1

Posted July 6, 2024


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Dragon Throne APK v4.1 Android Port Adult Game Download

Dragon Throne APK Android Port Latest Version 4.1 RPG Adult Game Download - Dragon Throne Android Port Visual Novel Adult RPG Game Download For FREE.

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Hello, guys. First of all brothers & sisters (original name) now has got a new name Dragon Throne.There are some
reasons why it has been done. But shortly, it is more suitable for the main story of the game. And I like it more. So brother&sister; is in the past now. But it is still the same characters and the same story. The old name is just not serious enough. Couple words about the game The events take place in medieval time. You will play as a young fellow Jonathan. It is not the best time for his family. Also the war is about to begin between the kingdoms. The main character will find himself in difficult situations that he needs to deal with. In addition, he needs to learn how to use some special power, which can help him to deal with those situations. In the first chapter, Jonathan could hear the thoughts of others. During next chapters, he will learn how to use it. In addition, he will discover that he can use additional powers. More about that will be told in the next chapter.​


Updated: 7 August, 2016
Censorship: No
Version: 4.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: RPG, Big Breasts / Big Tits



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Is not working


game stuck cannot continue at scene with melisa at bathroom


Same problem with me.