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Giant Guardians APK v0.3.53 with MOD Hentai Game Download

Giant Guardians APK Android Sex Mobile Game Latest Version 0.3.53 Download - Giant Guardians Android APK Erotic Porn XXX Game Download

Giant Guardians Apk


Giant Guardians APK Android Adult Mobile Game Latest Version with Gallery Unlocked MOD APK Download


Giant Guardians Adult Game We are creating a +18 giantess game (Visual novel to be more accurate) where the human protagonist (you) will go to a land
composed by various kingdoms facing each other that are defended by beautiful giant women called “Guardians”.
Make your choices carefully! In a world full of giantesses is dangerous to be human-sized



Haramunia Ropa

Haramunia (or Hara for short) joins our game as the first guest character! You will see her making her appearance with our other characters and also having her own route.
About her:
Hara is a nomad giant catgirl who travels between different kingdoms visiting her friends and making some errands to keep her life style.
She is curious and friendly and a warm person to have by your side.



This is Yakuu Guardian of the Hell kingdom ~
Short description:

Yakuu is the guardian of the most shady kingdom known on the continent, the Hell Kingdom.
She is a cruel demoness with several human-sized “servants” who have to deal with her dominant demeanor.



This is Diula Resident of the of Viridice kingdom ~
iula belongs to a race of half-plant girls called “Punvara”, to be more accurate, she is a giant carnivorous plants.
Diula personality mainly depends on the sun and her hunger, so be careful…


Ficha 1

This is Eliette Resident of the of Heaven kingdom ~
Eliette is a giantess angel and the right-hand of Maryen, the guardian of the Heaven Kingdom.
She have a kind heart and always try to help, however, our girl is also kinda… clumsy.



This is Nyxmay, resident of the Hell kingdom ~
Nyxmay is a demoness who lives on the Hell kingdom and usually wanders to find some tinies and have fun.
Due her sadistic nature, she is maybe one of the most dangerous giantesses around.



This is Naya, the guardian of the Lycalis kingdom.
Naya belongs to the kingdom of Lycalis, mainly populated by half-beast races like herself.
Even being a guardian, she is the perfect definition of “free-spirited” and wanders around different kingdoms at her will. She likes it, she takes it…



This is Sheina, the queen´s messenger.
Sheina is a resident of the central kingdom and the messenger of the queen. She travels around different kingdoms to talk with different guardians about the queens´s will.
Sheina is a smart and professional girl focused on her job and loyal to the queen. Due to her job, she have knowledge about a lot of different things around the kingdoms.



This is Regina, the guardian of the Viridice kingdom.
Regina is a giant queen bee and the guardian of the ever green kingdom of Viridice.
She loves and protects the nature over all things and also helps the travelers who ends lost on the huge and dangerous forests of her kingdom. Regina is usually gentle and almost motherly but those who hurt the nature can turn her switch and meet the other side of the coin.



This is Kendra, resident of the of Hell kingdom ~
Kendra is a demoness who lives on the Hell kingdom. She enjoys bringing terror to places unprotected by guardians.
Cruel and playful, this giant demoness also kidnaps people for using as toys or to sell them. It´s dangerous to stay close to her…



This is Maryen, the guardian of the Heaven kingdom~
Maryen is the kind hearted guardian of the Heaven kingdom and she is beloved by most of citiciens there.
Our girl doesn´t have a bad bone on her and believes in karma. She is gentle and merciful merciful and always lend her hand to help.



Release Date: 2024-04-16
Developer: Giant Guardians Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.53
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, female domination, male protagonist, slave



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