Les Fleursword [Completed]

Posted February 29, 2024

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Les Fleursword APK Android RPGM Adult Completed Game Download

Les Fleursword APK Android Port Adult RPGM Game Download - Les Fleursword Android Port Visual Novel RPGM Adult Completed Game Download FREE

—Long long ago, there were magicians living in this country—

Ford Gillia Kingdom, where the ancient magicians’ legend still remains.
On a certain day Adelite, belonging to the kingdom’s chivalric order was
cast a death-promising curse by a man who identifies himself as a “magician”.
The feud between knights and magicians is beyond epochs…​

Title: Ken ga Hana ni Shizumu Toki
Original Title: 剣が花に沈むとき
VNDB: Les Fleursword
Lenght: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Year: 24/06/2017 (Japanese) – 24/08/2017 (English)
Developer: Magic House
Publisher: Magic House (Japanese) – SakuraGame
Language: English (machine translation)/Japanese
Voice: Japanese
Censored: Yep (mosaic)
Shop (All-Ages): Steam
Genre: Female Protagonist, 2dcg, Japanese Game, Censored, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Multiple Endings, Fantasy

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