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Stay at Home APK [Completed] Android Adult Mobile Game Download

Stay at Home APK Android Adult Hentai Mobile Game Download - Stay at Home Android Porn Hentai Mobile Game Download For FREE

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Stay at Home APK Android Adult Game Download


Hello everyone, I work hard to make this game. This is a completely free and totally not-for-profit game. It’s just some content to help the fight against COVID-19.

It’s a mini-game set in the My New Life world to help ease the situation of quarantine and confinement. It’s a one-off.
There won’t be any other versions or updates. I really hope you enjoy it!​


Release Date: 2020-03-25
Developer: Beggar Of Net Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: My New Life: revamp





  • one press to move and interact
  • one long press to speed up
  • two finger press to open/close menu and cancel
  • two finger press during dialog hides dialog box



Download files for Stay at Home

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