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Undercover Love APK Android Game – You have traveled abroad for a few years after school. You spent these years doing many things, one being an apprentice to a private investigator. You decided that you want to open your own business, so you decide to go home, only to find out that your parents won’t allow you to move back in, so you decide to call up some old family friends and end up moving in with them in a new city. You’ll discover that the people around you, and the world at large, is not what you thought it was. A world of magic set in a more modern setting, many mysteries to discover and unravel, and people to meet.​



Release Date: 2020-10-16
Developer: Crimson Axis Studio – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.15a
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English


Developer Notes:
Pretty clear winner on what people want with VN vs sandbox. I’ll start reworking the code and I’ll keep you folks updated. Should have a workable copy, possibly, by this time next week.
Will keep you updated.

Second update to Undercover Love! A lot of my time was spent learning renpy/python to implement various things needed for a more open world feel.
I have taken all of your feedback seriously, and have implemented some changes made in the comments/via email/direct message. I appreciate you folks taking the time! If you have feedback or encounter bugs, please email me at [email protected].
Beyond the two small UI changes, I will be focusing primarily on story content for the next update, so instead of the three weeks or so that I had for the story in this update, I’ll have a full 5-6 weeks. However, story content is a lot easier to push out, so I may have it ready sooner.
Thanks for all the support you’ve given me here on F95 and on my patreon! You folks are awesome!

Added mac version due to many requests. I have no way to test it, so please report bugs to [email protected].
Initial demo release of Undercover Love! You can expect about 30-40 mins of story introduction with some light sexual content. Planned updates every 4-6 weeks. Please report any bugs to [email protected].
Again, this is the demo launch to mostly introduce the main characters and has very light sexual content.
Feedback is appreciated!



Update v0.0.15a
This update focuses solely on updating Jeni to her new model, removing old variables that won’t be used in the future, rewriting some things that have bothered me for awhile about the early game, or changing renders that I’m not happy with or that used old techniques that I have since found better ways to accomplish. There are also a couple of new scenes, but not the normal amount of new scenes I typically put in.

I’ve also tested compression and will be exploring better options in the future, but I wanted to get the size of the file down to something more manageable in the meantime and easier on folks who have slower connections.

I’ve learned how to fix clothing looking like spandex and adhering to the models skin under all circumstances, and I have applied those fixes to some of the older renders, specifically with Claudia as her assets exacerbate the issue. There are more to go, but I will apply those over time so it doesn’t take too much time out of my update cycle.

130 or so new, fixed or rerendered images.
About 200 lines of dialogue.

Fixed many grammatical errors that I had overlooked. Fixed phrasing in some statements to make it more clear.
Fixed 6 or so images that had clipping issues.
Fixed some images appearing out of order with the conversation in the following scenes – Claudia changing scene after cameras, Evening party scene right before night time transition.

Two new scenes:
Claudia catch up scene – Removed dinner scene. I didn’t like how it looked and it seemed too impersonal. Also had some issues posing and rendering so many figures. Got rid of it for a more personal catch up session with Claudia instead. Now some of the other conversations make more sense.

Conversation before first pool meeting with Sasha, with Jeni, spending more time talking to her. This conversation has an important choice that will matter in the Jeni update.

Added option during Yoga scene with Claudia to turn her down if you feel she’s moving to fast if you made the choice to go find Sasha during evening party. This adds some additional dialogue with placeholder images.

Experimenting with different compression methods. Currently compressed this update using conversion to JPG’s over PNG’s. I do notice a slight quality loss that I’m not too happy with, but it’s 500 megs vs 1.7gigs. I’m going to continue to look for a better method that is lossless vs the lossy method I’ve used for this update.

Known issues:
Clipping during one of Claudia’s scenes after coming downstairs.
Two out of focus images at the end of the party scene that I need to spend the time and rerender.

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