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University of Problems APK v1.4.0 Android Adult Game Download

University of Problems APK Android Adult Mobile Game Latest Version 1.4.0 Download - University of Problems Android APK Erotic Mobile Game Download

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University Of Problems Apk

University of Problems APK Android Adult Game Latest Version with MOD APK Download


University of Problems APK Android Port – Student life is perhaps the most vivid, colorful, and memorable period of life for many of us. You start your adult life, feel unlimited possibilities, make a lot of new acquaintances. “University of Problems” is just about it.

An ordinary guy from an ordinary family unexpectedly enters one of the best universities in the country. What could be better, right? Lots of opportunities, constant parties, attractive girls, complete freedom of choice. In a word: real adult life. But everything is not as rosy as it may seem at first glance…​

Features of “University of Problems”
– A story with a lot of choices and branchings
– High quality renders with attention to detail
– Seven beautiful girls with whom you can find your happiness. Every girl has her own character and her own past
– Close to reality development of relationships
– Lots of minor characters
– An in-game social network that gets better with each update.


What is the difference between Extended and Basic versions?
In the Extended version, you get access to extra events and to the PVU Lewd app.
Extra events can be stand-alone events or can be a continuation of events from the basic version. Extra events are exclusively sexual in nature.
PVU Lewd, this is a kind of analogue of PVU Pics, only with more depraved photos.



Released Date: 2024-02-29
Developer: DreamNow – Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 1.4.0 Extended
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other GamesShort Stories
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance , School setting, Animated, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Handjob, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex, PoV, Humor, Voyeurism, Sex toys, Bdsm, Interracial, Milf, Creampie, Groping




MOD Features:

  • Improved aesthetics with animated mod menus/screens, all fully customizable to tailor your personal experience.
  • Too many story branches got you down ’cause you can’t remember which of your saves is which? I gotcha covered. Includes the Original SanchoMod save description feature. Often imitated (including the use of my GUI buttons) the SanchoSave is more intelligent and efficient, saving you keystrokes as it autoloads the save slot descriptions and it also allows you to completely escape the process of saving if you wish (I’ve personally not seen this feature with other imitations). Feature can be toggled on/off anytime as desired.
  • Adds multiple exhaustive stats screens always accessible via the MiniMenu or Options menu. Resizable, toggle-enabled, various formats, and more.
  • Adds in-game walkthrough ChoiceGuide noting variable changes and highlighting important choices. Can be toggled on/off at anytime, play as YOU want to play. You are not forced to view spoilers if you do not wish.
  • Multiple opacity and text sizing options to customize your experience including dialogue text and fonts, QuickMenu sizing and format versions, and more. All can be toggled on/off as desired, again allowing you even more control to tailor your experience.
  • Adds a custom fully unlocked scene gallery.
  • Adds the ability to view multiple scenes if menu choice has a scene/route split
  • Guide for Phone Tasks, Phone Chat, FreeRoam and more.
  • Too many new features to list.



MOD APK is not Christmas Extended



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