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Yareel APK Android Adult Dating Game Download For Free

Download Yareel APK Latest Version For Free - Yareel Android APK Game Full Download For Free, Yareel Android Game Download For Free

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Yareel Apk Android Adult Game Download


Yareel APK Android Adult Online Mobile Game Download


Yareel is an app that’s half-way between a videogame and dating app. You can create your avatar, meet other real people, chat with them, and have virtual dates where you can go to a bar to have a drink or do other different adult activities.

The first thing you have to do when you start playing Yareel is create your avatar. You can decide if you want to be a man or woman, and also choose your sexual orientation. After this step, you can customize your look, choosing between different hairstyles, eye colors, outfits, etc. Basically, you have the power to create a totally unique avatar just the way you want it.

Once you’ve got your avatar ready, you can start using Yareel as if it were a regular dating app like Badoo or Tinder. You can check out other users’ profiles and if you see someone who interests you, you can send that person a friend request. On the other hand, you can always visit common rooms where you can meet other people randomly. This way, if you just feel like having a little fun, you can do so quickly.

Yareel is an entertaining app that lets you meet people and interact with them in a safe and virtual environment. Plus, the app has pretty good graphics and impressive character models.


Create your character

It’s easy and simple. Choose your face, skin color, clothes, room and the size of you genitals.


Find a person (or two)
You are free to browse user profiles or use random selection. You can also send a direct link to your room via any messenger. You can find one partner, or make a threesome.


Chat and play!
The easy to understand intuitive interface enables you to start using Yareel in seconds. You can chat, flirt, make love, change positions and rooms.




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Please help me


My email or password not matiching




can’t play the game it keeps asking to update, and its stuck on update (loading) scree

Every love



The game is saying no internet connection


why can’t play this game need helps….

John Ray

Online Puba Toh Tnx


How to download this if I click the download he say give my email in all blank