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Deceived by the Host APK Final Adult Porn Game Download

Deceived by the Host APK Android Adult Porn RPGM Game Download - Deceived by the Host Adult Game Android Port Download

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Deceived By The Host Adult Game Android Apk Download (7)


Deceived by the Host APK Android Adult Game Download


Hiroshi Kawada, a junior university student at Washimi University, is determined to land a good job to impress his cute girlfriend, Nanami Miyasaka. But when Yoko Mizuki, a classmate from his seminar, starts making moves on him, their relationship takes a dark turn. Heartbroken, Nanami gets lured into the world of host clubs by Seiya Tendo, a charming guy who happens to be their circle’s president.

Temptations arise, a seductive femme fatale aims to tear them apart, and innocent traps are set. While Hiroshi believes his relationship has been restored with the help of respected senior Seiya, he remains oblivious to the truth that lies beneath the surface. Things have already spiraled out of control.

Character Introductions:
◎ Hiroshi Kawada
A junior university student about to dive into job hunting. His grades are average, but Nanami, his girlfriend, has helped him secure a tuition waiver due to his excellence. He’s a kind-hearted guy with a strong sense of justice. Hiroshi and Nanami have been childhood friends ever since he saved her from bullying because of her hair color. They officially started dating in high school, initially with Hiroshi often yielding to Nanami’s wishes. However, after their first intimate experience, their relationship settled into a playful dynamic.

◎ Nanami Miyasaka
Hiroshi’s girlfriend. She’s a half-foreigner with blonde hair and blue eyes, sporting a youthful face and standing just below 150 cm, making her incredibly cute. With an attractive bust and hips, she boasts a well-proportioned figure. Her embrace feels like a plush marshmallow, even prompting attention from the same gender. Her striking appearance often lands her in conflicts within her social circle, leading her to become headstrong and less obedient. Deep down, she holds strong moral values and cares deeply for those she trusts. Once she allows sexual intimacy, her tone becomes increasingly submissive, and she tends to go with the flow.

◎ Seiya Tendo
Hiroshi and Nanami’s senior and the president of their circle. He’s the epitome of a handsome and sociable guy, skilled in conversation and a popular host in a university club. However, there are rumors circulating about his involvement in questionable activities related to romantic encounters.

◎ Kaito Osawa
Another senior in the same circle as Seiya, working as a host. He has the typical demeanor of a playboy and often partners with Seiya at the club. While he appears friendly and sociable at university, rumors suggest he exploits women by involving them in personal adult videos for profit, earning him the label of a pimp host.

The game revolves around Hiroshi’s bustling university life while witnessing the real-time changes in Nanami’s experiences. Users can use apps and social media to imagine and indulge in the actions of Seiya and Kaito towards Nanami.

In the Recollection room, which unlocks gradually during gameplay, users can observe the true events that Nanami experiences from a third-person perspective.


Release Date: 2023-06-23
Original Title: ホストに騙されて -知らぬ間に調教されていく彼女-
DeveloperSeiheiki Times
Publisher: Saikey Studios Website – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No – Decensored
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Official Translation)
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Censored, Creampie, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, NTR, Oral Sex, Sexual Training, Titfuck, Tsundere, Vaginal Sex, Virgin



Mod Features:

  • Gold



  • A = E
  • L = R
  • Support Gamepad
  • One press to move
  • One long press to speed up
  • Two fingers at the same time to open menu
  • Two fingers press during dialogue to hide dialogue box




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