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Tentacular APK [Release 4] Android Port Adult Game Download

Tentacular APK Android Port Visual Novel Adult Game Latest Version Release 4 Download - Tentacular Android Port Adult Game Download For FREE

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In this game you play as Guukruux, an octopus like alien creature that relies on females of other species to reproduce and pleasure himself. One day while traveling through space to find new mates, your spacecraft malfunctions and you are luckily saved by Rebecca, a genetically altered perfect human woman and only human crew-member of the Utopia. You spend your time attempting to get as far with Rebecca as you can, manipulating creatures and beings on the ship to assault her, and impregnate her before the ship completes it’s charter to earth. Have fun!

WARNING: This game only has creature on female type content (LOTS OF HIGH BESTIALITY- Avoidable) and the main interest of the game has extreme proportions that will not be changed. If either of these aren’t your thing, don’t play the game.



Release Date: 2020-09-22
Developer: Jackerman
Censored: No
Version: Release 4 of 4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

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Bug, when interacting with the dog or the girl in her bedroom

Marcus wright

Love the game I hope that be a chapter 5 and more